Building Announcements

  • Shelby and SEC are to be kept locked during Game Days.
    1. Please do no let anyone into the building.
    2. Please be sure the doors close and lock after you if enter or exit.
    3. Do not prop open any doors.
    4. Call UAPD at 8-5454 to report any suspicious people or behavior.
    Please Pass this along to your groups!
    Thank you and have a safe, considerate, and fun weekend!

  • Food and Drink are not permitted in the classrooms or teaching labs at anytime.

  • After teaching or having an event in 1004, 1092 or 1093, please lock the room. The rooms must be kept locked between events and classes, per UA policy.

  • Please note that Shelby Hall, as well as SEC, is a no-posting zone and any/all flyers etc will be taken down and thrown away.